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- History of Hirayama Onsen -

Its origin is said to be an extended calendar year (8th century) and sushi year (12th century). Long ago, skin diseases such as scabies became a major epidemic in this village, the whole village declined and I could not live a life. When troubled villagers gathered and prayed to Aso Daimyojin, a high mountain opened with heaven and earthlings overnight, buried deep valleys and made a flat place like present. Hot hot water gushed from there. It is reported that the skin diseases of the villagers who took the bath have been cured soon. It is said that the place name Hirayama was born from this legend. Especially it is said that it is highly effective for chronic skin diseases and Kato Kiyomasa Okina of Sengoku warrior has also cured rashes.

Efficacy of Hirayama Onsen

Fountain quality Alkaline simple sulfur, weakly radioactive hot spring
Spring fountain 42.2 degrees
Efficacy 【General】
Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, indirect stiffness, furrow, whipple, chronic gastrointestinal disease, hemorrhoids, cold, recovery from the disease, health promotion

[Inherent indications]
Gout, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, chronic gallbladder disease, cholelithiasis, chronic skin disease, chronic gynecology, gangrene, diabetes