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A trip spending in a superlative room

Hirayama is said to be the back seat of Kyushu Yamaga.
An elegant inn where the four seasons stand quietly on a hilltop standpoint.
In order to spare important time with important people, we made only 8 buildings apart.
A room with extraordinary luxury for furnishings and bathrooms, a private open-air bath that you can enjoy the tempting hot water,
Fantastic Four Season cuisine that embodies the heart of hospitality.
In the ultimate space that made every effort to detail,
Please spend "special time".


Quiet and exceptional space away from bustle. We offer special time for special guests with only "eight departures". To make our guests feel gracious, we have a private outdoor bath in the room where the skill of the artisan lived. Please enjoy the moment when you can soak in the finest hot water named "Beauty's hot water" without any hesitation. From the wallpaper to the amenity, in the highest grade space stuck to everything, I will do my best in the highest grade hospitality with my heart. Please, please relax and feel relaxed.

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Its origin is said to be an extended calendar year (8th century) and sushi year (12th century). Long ago, skin diseases such as scabies became a major epidemic in this village, the whole village declined and I could not live a life. When troubled villagers gathered and prayed to Aso Daimyojin, a high mountain opened with heaven and earthlings overnight, buried deep valleys and made a flat place like present. Hot hot water gushed from there. It is reported that the skin diseases of the villagers who took the bath have been cured soon. It is said that the place name Hirayama was born from this legend. Especially it is said that it is highly effective for chronic skin diseases and Kato Kiyomasa Okina of Sengoku warrior has also cured rashes.

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Delicious water to delicious air, rich nature of Kumamoto nurtured It is a kaiseki cuisine that makes the best use of fresh ingredients. Without compromising, I was committed to it, A masterpiece that spoils the delicacy of the chef's skills and seasonal ingredients. Not only the taste but also sticking to the vessel It looks beautiful upscale cuisine, Please enjoy it relaxedly in your room.

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